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74 year old woman becomes oldest new mother after giving birth to twins from IVF

A 74-year-old woman is thought to be the world's oldest new mother after giving birth to twins following IVF.

Erramatti Mangayamma gave birth to healthy baby girls alongside her husband Raja Rao, 78.

The new mom, from India's Andhra Pradesh state, became pregnant after turning to IVF treatment.

Pensioner Erramatti says she was inspired to try for a baby with her husband of 57 years after a neighbor conceived at the age of 55.

Erramatti, who says she went through the menopause 30 years ago, is believed to have overtaken the current record holder for the oldest new mother.

It's reported the IVF clinic in the city of Guntur paid for most of the procedure on the basis it would be a great historic achievement.

Mangayamma conceived in the very first cycle of the IVF procedure. Subsequently, three teams were formed to monitor her general health, nutrition and cardiac health.

"Ten doctors worked for nine months to keep a close watch on her health. The regular scans revealed that there are no complications," said her doctor.

She remained in hospital being monitored for the whole nine-months of her pregnancy.

Erramatti said: "I cannot express my feeling in words. These babies complete me. My six decade-long wait has finally come to an end. Now, no one call me infertile anymore.

"I thought about taking help of IVF procedure after a neighbor conceived at the age of 55."

The new mother gave birth under the care of Dr Umashankar, who said it came as a "surprise" when he was approached by the pensioner last year.

He added the treatment was a "challenge".

Umashankar said they went ahead with the process after a team of doctors conducted various tests and found that she is fit to become pregnant.

Source: Mirror


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